Monday, 26 June 2017

psychology at work

There's a new book out - and it's all about me!

Selfie by Will Storr review – me, my selfie and I in an age of ego | Books | The Guardian

Selfie by Will Storr review – are the young really so self-obsessed? | Books | The Guardian

In fact, there's a lot of narcissism at work:
Jay Doubleyou: "the modern office rewards narcissists and psychopaths"

Which is about giving an aura of self-confidence:
Jay Doubleyou: teamwork and the art of 'blagging'

You could see language as a 'window into human nature':
Jay Doubleyou: steven pinker - and language
Jay Doubleyou: what makes us human: noam chomsky and human languages
Jay Doubleyou: behaviourism >>> krashen... pinker... skinner... chomsky

Are we being 'engineered'?
Jay Doubleyou: social engineering

A lot of it has to do with schooling:
Jay Doubleyou: panic in the west over educational achievements in the far east
Jay Doubleyou: education: dumbing us down
Jay Doubleyou: taylorism >>> and education

And better schooling is possible:
Jay Doubleyou: the trivium method of critical thinking and creative problem solving
Jay Doubleyou: appreciative inquiry is not problem-solving
Jay Doubleyou: seven ways school has imprisoned your mind ... ... greater personal freedom starts with deschooling
Jay Doubleyou: the most schooled generation in history is miserable

Movies can tell us a lot about ourselves:
Jay Doubleyou: exploring gender: masculinity and 'fight club'

A lot of business skills have a lot to do with psychology:
BBC Radio 4 - The Human Zoo, Series 3, The psychology of negotiation

And one of them is how to make decisions:
Jay Doubleyou: decisions, decisions, decisions

Again, back to the language thing:
Jay Doubleyou: meaningless corporate speak

How do we persuade people to do things?
Jay Doubleyou: nudge
Jay Doubleyou: power
Jay Doubleyou: 5 creepy ways video games are trying to get you addicted

There's a lot of psychology in advertising:

A lot of different 'ways of seeing':
Jay Doubleyou: advertising

And a fair amount of manipulation:
Jay Doubleyou: the men who made us spend
Jay Doubleyou: the men who made us spend: part two

What's the difference between advertising and propaganda?
Jay Doubleyou: propaganda, public relations and manufacturing consent

What's the difference between work and play?
Jay Doubleyou: work and play
Jay Doubleyou: work, leisure and human resources
Jay Doubleyou: does becoming a more productive worker make you a better human being?

There is the whole motivation and positive thinking industry:
Jay Doubleyou: positive power and influence
Jay Doubleyou: "smile or die": the false promises of positive thinking
Jay Doubleyou: fish philosophy and the motivational mafia
Jay Doubleyou: mindfulness: "too many people are avoiding using their brains"
Jay Doubleyou: what motivates us
Jay Doubleyou: you can't get success and happiness through positive thinking

There have been a lot of psychological experiments:
Jay Doubleyou: jane elliott - brown eyes vs blue eyes
Jay Doubleyou: milgram experiment
Jay Doubleyou: the wave: lessons in manipulation
Jay Doubleyou: power, prison and punishment: the stanford experiment

It's not because you are great that you have succeeded:
Jay Doubleyou: don’t think you’re lucky? think again
Jay Doubleyou: the fall and rise of social democracy?
Jay Doubleyou: losers!

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