Wednesday, 31 July 2013

english as a tourist language

English is what most people learn to be able to enjoy their travels: you can exchange at least a few words with most people around the world using this as a 'lingua franca'.
And English is what is used by the tourist industry across the world to make sure their guests are happy and getting what they want!
For example:

Nina Breitenecker - Austria City Guide

Discover the most beautiful sites of the city !

Considering your personal interests I accompany and guide you through Vienna !

Wether you travel alone, with your partner, your family or in a group ?

Vienna has something to offer for everybody !

Are you interested in art and culture ? Viennese Cuisine ? The old or new Vienna ?
Or would you like to expirience the Viennese sociability and its way of life ?

Haas-Haus - Stephansdom Art
 Sociability Donau

Explore the best sites of the city !