Monday, 26 June 2017

psychology at work

There's a new book out - and it's all about me!

Selfie by Will Storr review – me, my selfie and I in an age of ego | Books | The Guardian

Selfie by Will Storr review – are the young really so self-obsessed? | Books | The Guardian

In fact, there's a lot of narcissism at work:
Jay Doubleyou: "the modern office rewards narcissists and psychopaths"

Which is about giving an aura of self-confidence:
Jay Doubleyou: teamwork and the art of 'blagging'

You could see language as a 'window into human nature':
Jay Doubleyou: steven pinker - and language
Jay Doubleyou: what makes us human: noam chomsky and human languages
Jay Doubleyou: behaviourism >>> krashen... pinker... skinner... chomsky

Are we being 'engineered'?
Jay Doubleyou: social engineering

A lot of it has to do with schooling:
Jay Doubleyou: panic in the west over educational achievements in the far east
Jay Doubleyou: education: dumbing us down
Jay Doubleyou: taylorism >>> and education

And better schooling is possible:
Jay Doubleyou: the trivium method of critical thinking and creative problem solving
Jay Doubleyou: appreciative inquiry is not problem-solving
Jay Doubleyou: seven ways school has imprisoned your mind ... ... greater personal freedom starts with deschooling
Jay Doubleyou: the most schooled generation in history is miserable

Movies can tell us a lot about ourselves:
Jay Doubleyou: exploring gender: masculinity and 'fight club'

A lot of business skills have a lot to do with psychology:
BBC Radio 4 - The Human Zoo, Series 3, The psychology of negotiation

And one of them is how to make decisions:
Jay Doubleyou: decisions, decisions, decisions

Again, back to the language thing:
Jay Doubleyou: meaningless corporate speak

How do we persuade people to do things?
Jay Doubleyou: nudge
Jay Doubleyou: power
Jay Doubleyou: 5 creepy ways video games are trying to get you addicted

There's a lot of psychology in advertising:

A lot of different 'ways of seeing':
Jay Doubleyou: advertising

And a fair amount of manipulation:
Jay Doubleyou: the men who made us spend
Jay Doubleyou: the men who made us spend: part two

What's the difference between advertising and propaganda?
Jay Doubleyou: propaganda, public relations and manufacturing consent

What's the difference between work and play?
Jay Doubleyou: work and play
Jay Doubleyou: work, leisure and human resources
Jay Doubleyou: does becoming a more productive worker make you a better human being?

There is the whole motivation and positive thinking industry:
Jay Doubleyou: positive power and influence
Jay Doubleyou: "smile or die": the false promises of positive thinking
Jay Doubleyou: fish philosophy and the motivational mafia
Jay Doubleyou: mindfulness: "too many people are avoiding using their brains"
Jay Doubleyou: what motivates us
Jay Doubleyou: you can't get success and happiness through positive thinking

There have been a lot of psychological experiments:
Jay Doubleyou: jane elliott - brown eyes vs blue eyes
Jay Doubleyou: milgram experiment
Jay Doubleyou: the wave: lessons in manipulation
Jay Doubleyou: power, prison and punishment: the stanford experiment

It's not because you are great that you have succeeded:
Jay Doubleyou: don’t think you’re lucky? think again
Jay Doubleyou: the fall and rise of social democracy?
Jay Doubleyou: losers!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

breaking news english lessons: different levels and speeds

There are several places to go for different levels of reading and different speeds of listening:
Jay Doubleyou: authentic listening - fast and slow
Jay Doubleyou: learn english with voice of america and esl-bits

Here's another website which offers the same:
Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English News Materials | Current Events | ESL Materials

Breaking News English
Lesson on United Airlines

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Man dragged off plane will sue United Airlines   (16th April, 2017)

The Reading / Listening - United Airlines - Level 3

An American airline is in trouble for the way it treated one of its passengers. A passenger on a United Airlines flight was dragged out of his seat and pulled out of the aircraft along the floor of the airplane. The passenger, David Dao, was a 69-year-old doctor. Dr Dao became unconscious after security guards pulled him out of his seat. His face was covered in blood. He lost two front teeth and the security guards also broke his nose. The doctor paid for his seat but United Airlines ordered him to get off the plane because they wanted his seat for a flight attendant to sit down. The doctor explained he had to work the next day because he had many patients to see at his hospital. United staff didn't listen to him.

Dr Dao is going to sue United Airlines for damages. Dao was born in Vietnam and escaped from the Vietnam War in 1975. His lawyer said being dragged off the United Airlines flight was a "more horrifying" experience than living through that war. Dr Dao's daughter said: "What happened to my dad should have never happened to any human being….We were horrified and shocked and sickened to…see what happened to him." A video of Dr Dao being dragged off the flight went viral on social media. Over 150,000 people have signed an online petition asking the United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz to resign. He said he would not resign. He also initially did not apologize and said Dr Dao was at fault for his injuries.

A video of Dr Dao being dragged off the United Airlines flight. WARNING: The video contains shocking scenes.

Try the same news story at these easier levels:

Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)
ESL Lesson Plan on United Airlines - Breaking News English Lesson

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

irregular verbs with 'color verbs'

There are actually fun ways to learn irregular verbs:

English Irregular Verbs

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