Sunday, 9 September 2012

audio: how to...

How to put your music, radio programmes, youtube audio files onto a CD to play on a CD player or on a DVD player:

Insert your blank CD-R or CD-RW if you want to re-write.

You might be promted with a pop-up "AutoPlay" window to choose a Blank CD option: I'd close that and try something else.

Open your Computer window and right-click on the DVD RW Drive.

You might be prompted with a pop-up "Burn a Disc" window to chose 2 options on "How do you want to use this disc?" Click on "With a CD/DVD player".

Open your Music or other window which contains your files to be recorded.

Choose the files you want to be recorded and drag them over to the DVD RW Drive.

Click on the "Burn to disc" label at the top toolbar.

You might be prompted with a pop-up "Prepare this disc" window. Click on "Next".

You might be prompted with a pop-up "Burn an audio CD" window to chose 2 options on "Which format do you want to use?" Click on "Make an audio CD (for standard audio CD players). Click on "Next".

The Windows Media Player should open with your chosed files ready.

Click on the "Start burn" lable at the top toolbar.

It shouldn't take too long to burn. The CD will be rejected on finish.

The format should automatically change to "cda" which is the file type for CD players.