Ashlie’s sure her band is going to make it big – and Stephen wants to be a part of it! But it turns out that it takes more than just hard work to become top of pops… 
Summer in the UK means music festivals – and lots of them! Amandeep gets to go to one of the UK’s biggest festivals, interview fans and meet British Sea Power!

Music Scene 1

Stephen visits Ashlie and her band as they rehearse in a recording studio.

Music Scene 1 - Language Focus

Rob and Stephen take a look at ‘play’, ‘live’ and ‘mind’ and how they can be used in different ways.

Music Scene 2

Ashlie and Stephen prepare for their gigs. How do you think they go?

Music Scene 2 - Language Focus

Rob and Ashlie discuss her gig, indirect questions, the present perfect and sentences with ‘I bet’.

Live Music

Amandeep enjoys the sound of summer at one of the UK’s many music festivals. She even gets to go backstage with a British band!