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who owns english?

Jamie Keddie has the excellent Lessonstream website for teachers - although we can all learn something from him:#

Posted 15/3/16
A few months ago, I collaborated with James and Luke Vyner from Creative Listening. We produced a short video in which I go into the streets of London to investigate an English word which may or may not exist!

The video explores attitudes to variation in English, especially concerning different ways in which native and non-native speakers use the language. Although the video focuses on a single word (touristic) the idea is that it raises general issues.

Of course, there are many differences in the ways that native speakers use language and I have made two videos to demonstrate this.

Before uploading a PDF lesson plan, I would like some feedback. How would you make use of these videos in your own classroom? What questions would you ask students and what tasks would you set? You can leave a comment below.

Note that all videos contain subtitles.

Posted 15/3/16

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  1. Ana says:
    I think the videos are great!. I do a lot of things with them. I show the very first minute or so and then ask my students to predict what is going to happen or what you are going to say or to do; I make them listen to the wole video and afterwards they have to tell me in their own words what they have understood, I make them write what they have seen (activity which reveals a lot about my students manipulation of grammar), I ask my students to imagine how they would make a short video with the same objective. I ask my students even to describe your clothes so as to revise that vocabulary. I love your videos because I have a lot of speaking and written activities to create with them. Thank you very much!!! by Jamie Keddie Owning English? -

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