Monday, 2 October 2017

why music?

We've had:
Jay Doubleyou: what is art?

And we've had:
Jay Doubleyou: what music, how music, why music

Now, here's a very interesting question:

What are the arts for? - Professor Ellen Dissanayake - YouTube
BBC Radio 3 - The Singing Ape

“Dissanayake argues that art was central to human evolutionary adaptation and that the aesthetic faculty is a basic psychological component of every human being. In her view, art is intimately linked to the origins of religious practices and to ceremonies of birth, death, transition, and transcendence.
University of Washington Press - Books - Homo Aestheticus
Ellen Dissanayake - Wikipedia

Is it all rather 'reductionist'?
Reductionism - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If not all a bit 'scientific'?
Pinker's defense of Scientism | Modern Psychologist
Criticism of evolutionary psychology - Wikipedia

Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins on why we enjoy music - YouTube

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