Thursday, 29 December 2016


Do you deserve what you get?

Is it all about how 'lucky' you are?
Jay Doubleyou: don’t think you’re lucky? think again

Or are there other games at play which determine how well you do in life?
Jay Doubleyou: SAT tests are 'weakening our democracy"
Jay Doubleyou: the fall and rise of social democracy?

At the heart of this is 'meritocracy':
Meritocracy - Wikipedia
Meritocracy - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For BBC Radio, the Harvard philosopher Michael Sandel put together a programme with people from over 40 countries taking part:

Do Those on Top Deserve Their Success?

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Many people who find themselves on the wrong side of growing inequality feel the system is stacked against them. 
But who deserves to succeed? 
Should we reward talent and hard work? 
If so, what do we do about those left behind? 
Do they deserve their fate, too? 
And is talent, in fact, little more than luck? 
Using a pioneering digital facility at Harvard Business School, Professor Michael Sandel is joined by 60 people from nearly 40 different countries. 
Together they look for answers to these tough questions; questions which lie behind some of the biggest political stories of the moment.

BBC Radio 4 - The Global Philosopher, Do Those on Top Deserve Their Success?
BBC Radio 4 - The Global Philosopher - Michael Sandel

It's obviously a hot topic, with the Financial Times doing a big piece on it:
Architects of Meritocracy

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